Monday, November 4, 2013

starting again

Today is the day I planned to start running again.  I have been a complete slacker. Fear is the strongest deterrent.

I used to run. I wasn't fast ever, but I did run. I got injured - learned what an IT band really does - and fear kept me from trying to run again. That was years and years ago. Last year I started to run again. Felt okay and then my right foot started hurting more. That pain would happen off and on and if I tied my shoe losely, it wouldn't hurt as much. Or so I told myself. b was worried so I made an appointment to get my foot checked out.  According to the doc, I had a stress fracture and a bone spur.  Surgery and a lovely boot was my life for a couple of months. Off and on my foot still hurts and I am scared.

Either way my goal is to start slowly again and run along side my hubs tonight. Here's hoping it goes swimmingly....


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